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IndAstro Lite

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IndAstro Lite

High quality and reliable product at a very competitive price.

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IndAstro Lite is a self-regulating cable for de-icing of roofs and gutters, pipe freeze protection as well as for industrial heat tracing. Its heat output varies in response to the ambient temperature. The cable protects your roof and drainage systems from icing, icicles and accumulation of snow masses in winter.

IndAstro Lite is a cable with braiding of tinned copper wires. The outer jacket material provides high cable protection against external impact and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It can be used for any type of roof, installed on various infrastructure facilities and easily cut into sections of various length.

Supply voltage is 220-240 VAC, 110-120 VAC available on request. Maximum operating temperature energized is 65 °C, de-energized — 85 °C. Linear output is from 12 to 40 W/m. 20-year warranty period.

• International certification
• ЕС (Europe)
• СЕDeclaration

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IndAstro Lite