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Heating cable LZ

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Two wire - Twin
Use in screed
Heating capacity: 17 W/m Lifetime warranty 30 years
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Heating cable - heating circuit

LZ Twin

- Two wire - Twin
- Length: 7 m to 102 m
- Manufacturer warranty: 30 years

The two-wire heating circuit LZ consists of a shielded two-wire heating cable, a "cold end", a reliable connection sleeve and a degree. Due to the two-wire design of the heating circuit, the power supply is only provided from one end of the heating circuit, which makes the installation much easier relieved.

The LZ heating circuits must be used in combination with a thermostat. By combining them with a thermostat, the heating circuits can be operated safely and economically.

Maximum cost and energy savings
Large selection of different heating cable capacities
Versatile application possibilities
Easy handling

Mehr Informationen
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Fläche ca. 0,6 m²
Heizleistung 105 W
Spannung 230 V~
Installtionstemperatur min -10 °C
Anschlusslänge 3 m
Herstellergarantie 16 m
Kabellänge 7 m
Biegeradius min. 30 mm
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Heating cable LZ