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Heating mat set BZ-150 touch

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Twin heating mat
heating capacity: 150 W/m²
Thermostat BH-55 touch
Temperature sensor
Heating mat: Lifetime warranty 30 years
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Electric heating mat set BZ-150 touch

Scope of delivery:

- Two-core heating mat 150 W/m²
- Thermostat BH-55 digital incl. temperature sensor (ArtNr.: 208005)
- Corrugated plastic pipe (ArtNr.: 204902)

Thermostat BH-55 touch

- Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 Eco-design or ErP compliance
- electronic room temperature control and weekday control
- adaptive control of the heating start (self-optimization/ self-learning function/self-learning mode)
- digital thermostat with touch screen
- incl. temperature sensor
- Sensor cable 2m
- Frost protection function
- fully programmable
- Daily and weekly programming
- voltage: 230 V~
- detailed manual
- combined floor and room temperature measurement
- Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 Eco-design or ErP compliance
- 2 years manufacturer warranty

The BH-55 room thermostat is an innovative programmable thermostat with touch display. Thanks to innovative technologies such as touch display, program mode, integrated "self-tuning" and the possible combination of floor and room temperature sensor (integrated in the unit), the BH-55 enables you to operate your comfort heating system energy-efficiently and therefore economically. The thermostat BH-55 is characterized by highest reliability, easy adjustment and handling.

The thermostat BH-55 can be used to control floor heating systems such as heating mats, heating circuits and heating foils. The BH-55 ensures that the desired temperature is available at the desired time. For example, you can individually set the temperatures for the period from WAKE UP to (leaving the house) GOING and from (coming home) COMING to SLEEPING for each day of the week.

The BH-55 thermostat can be used with all heating mats and cables from our online shop as well as with other standard heating mats.

The BH-55 thermostat fits standard flush-mounted boxes/switch boxes with 60 mm spacing between the device screws.

We recommend to have the electrical connections and the mains connection carried out by a qualified electrician for the installation of the temperature controller.

Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 Ecodesign or ErP conformity:

- electronic room temperature control and weekday control
- adaptive control of the heating start (self-optimization/ selflearning function/self-learning mode)
- Power consumption 0,45W

Two-wire thin-bed heating mat

- voltage: 230 V~
- TÜV tested
- certified according to IEC standards
- Manufacturer warranty: Lifetime warranty 30 years

Our thin-bed heating mats are state of the art. The heating mats do not require laying in screed and because of their extremely thin structure they are laid directly in the tile adhesive.

Our two-core thin-bed heating mats consist of a shielded two-core heating cable, which is fixed at constant intervals on a carrier mat. By fixing the heating cable to a carrier mat, further alignment of the heating cable is not necessary. The heating mat is connected to the two-wire thin-bed heating mat via 1 connecting cable. The advantage over a single-core thin-bed heating mat is that no second connecting line has to be fed back. The installation is therefore considerably simplified.

The heating mats are used in new buildings as well as in renovation and repair work. Especially for limited floor heights.

Our two-core thin-bed heating mats consist of a multi-wire heating strand, thus the heating cables have a high flexibility and thus a longer life span.

Electric heating mats with a heating capacity of 150 W/m² are suitable for a combination of floor heating and temporary heat sources.


Mehr Informationen
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Heizmatte Zweiader-Heizmatte
Fläche 1,0 m²
Heizleistung 150 W/m²
Thermostat BH-55 touch
Gesamtleistung 135 W
Spannung 230 V~
Max. Arbeitstemperatur 80 °C
Min. Arbeitstemperatur - 10 °C
Installtionstemperatur min. -10 °C
Kabeldurchmesser 3,5 - 4 mm
Breite ca. 50 cm
Anschluß 1 Anschlußleitung
Anschlusslänge 2 m
Herstellergarantie Lifetime Garantie 30 Jahre
Abmessungen 0,5 m x 2 m
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Heating mat set BZ-150 touch