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Under carpet heating mat 2,0m x 1,4m

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approx. 120 W/m²
available in two sizes
Mobile solution for your home
quick warming
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Under carpet heating mat

Look out! No room heating, the heating mat only serves to heat the carpet above.

Surface temperature of the carpet up to 30°C.
The achievable temperature depends on the condition of the carpet and the temperature of the underfloor.

Our Under Carpet Heater is available in the following sizes:

330 W - 2,0 m x 1,4 m

610 W - 2,8 m x 1,8 m

The under carpet heating mat is a mobile heating under carpets and therefore the ideal solution for rarely used rooms, or in apartments without underfloor heating. Warm feet even without underfloor heating e.g. in rented apartments.

Ideal supplement to central heating via radiators e.g. in children's rooms.

- Fast and even heating
- Easy handling
- Mobile solution for: home, weekend houses, offices
- Can be used on laminate, tiles and parquet floors
- Secure
- Reliable

Please observe the safety instructions in the operating instructions.

- The "Under carpet heater" must not be used on or under synthetic carpets.
- Only use the "Under carpet heater" for its intended purpose.
- The "Under carpet heater" must not be used at the same time on floors with underfloor heating systems switched on.
- Do not cover the "Under carpet heater" with objects other than carpets.
- Do not place large pieces of furniture (cupboards or similar) on the "Under carpet
- Protect the "Under carpet heater" from mechanical damage


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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Gesamtleistung 330 W
Spannung ~230 V
IP Schutz X7
Breite 1,4 m
Länge 2 m
Anschlusslänge 2,5 m
Herstellergarantie 2 Jahre
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Under carpet heating mat 2,0m x 1,4m