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InsOfloor - Floor primer

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Floor primer
reduces heating costs
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InsOfloor - Floor Primer - heat insulating floor primer

- Heat loss reducing, insulating primer.
- Can be used as floor primer, tile primer.
- Unique micro insulation technology.
- Less energy requires less heating costs.

Cost-effective thermal insulation for floors.

Water-based acrylic primer, therefore environmentally friendly.

Easy to use for all painters and decorators.

Improves the efficiency of underfloor heating.

Can be used under carpets, laminate, all tiles and wooden floors.

High quality, water-based acrylic copolymer primer for sealing, bonding, reinforcing and heat insulation of
Concrete, bricks, building blocks, wall panels, parquet and carpet underlays.
Formulated with Thermilate Technologies' micro insulation technology to insulate and reduce energy costs in both
and cold climate by reducing heating and cooling requirements. This product has been developed to also increase the efficiency of
Underfloor heating. Offers a U-value improvement of 0.25 W / m2K.

Content:  1 litre
Touch dry:  2 hours
Paintable:  4 hours
Sufficient for  8-10 m²/l
U-value improvement  0.25 W/m²K

1 litre covers up to 8-10 m², although it is recommended to use at least two layers for maximum thermal insulation.
Offers a U-value improvement of 0.25 W / m²K.

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InsOfloor - Floor primer